The stacked rotation of a variable core + facade module produces a flexible system for a new tourism infrastructure in Lofoten, Norway.
 Investigating the urban fabric of an informal settlement
 A sustainable vertical community in San Francisco, CA that engages the street and fosters a beautiful, healthy living environment. A curving elevated highway once directed the flow of heavy vehicular movement across the site. Today, the extrusion of this curve as a vertical community would instead direct pedestrian traffic into a secluded urban oasis. This oasis is linked to busy Folsom Street via a passage that cuts through the bottom two floors of the building, changing the flow and slowing the pace of foot traffic. A secondary skin of operable panels harvests solar energy and controls sun exposure for residential and hotel guests as it curves down the building, culminating in a series of trellises that shade the rooftop gardens of restaurants and retail spaces below.     
 A small performance center to serve the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra’s chamber music series. An architectural experience in counterpoint: repetition and variation of the structure creates a rhythm and interplay that builds throughout the composition, generating a hierarchy amongst harmonizing spaces.
 A home to facilitate the healing process for an agoraphobic woman and her twin sister.  Her story is told through the creation of an artifact: layers of newspaper clippings represent the memories of a formative past that has been suppressed by the crushing weight of an anxiety disorder - here, embodied by a coiling case of concrete. Through a ritual act of participation, the concrete is uprooted by unraveling the rope beneath it to reveal layers of tainted memories.